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Arisu Communications LLC: Company

Since 1997, Hisa Tanabe, a computer engineer based in Westchester County, New York, has been serving various types of clients such as banks, municipalities, lawyers, doctors, etc. on computer-related issues.

After working for several different companies, Hisa started Arisu Communications in 2005 to provide services for wider range of clients in the New York Metropolitan Area.

It has been his passion to help home users and small business customers over the years.


On-site or off-site/remote services are available in on-call basis or through monthly contract.

  • Consultation
    Assessment, analysis, and recommendations
  • Installation and Maintenance
    Computer hardware, software, and related equipments - setup, troubleshooting, repair, and cleanup
  • Network
    Configuration and troubleshooting - from simple wireless network at home to multi-server LAN in small offices
  • Malware prevention & removal
    Installation of the protection software again virus, spyware,etc., scanning, and cleanup
  • Web site
    Design, maintenance, Joomla/WordPress customization

    Hosting and domain name registration are available through ArisuWeb.com

The following services may be available through affiliates and associates:

  • Network cabling
  • Printer troubleshooting and repair

What is "Arisu"?

No, it has nothing to do with a girl's name.

Arisu-gawa - or "Arisu River" - is a nickname for Tōjō-gawa - or Tōjō River - that flows through Tōjō, a small town in mountainside of Hiroshima Prefecture in Japan. It was Hisa's intention to name his business with something related to his hometown that he left back in 1987.